Saturday, January 5|Sunday Sneak Peak

What is God?

Flood Family,

If someone were to ask you the question ‘What is God?’, how would you answer? A lot of us might give the classic Christian response: God is Jesus! Others might go more the ethereal route and say, “God is love.” Culture continues to expand the definition of God, pushing out the edges little by little, until the answer to ‘What is God?’ is anything: sunlight, nature, the ocean, etc. God is just about everything. To define something is to label it, and to label it is to limit it. Who wants to limit God?

The problem is, this kind of kitchen-sink approach of defining God as everything actually means very little. If God is everything, God becomes nothing. Indeed, God is the source of all things and is in all things. God permeates
all of creation – including us. 

The better question, then, is where do we find God? The answer to it is the journey towards ever-deepening trust in God’s provision and power in our lives.

Join us on Sunday as we explore this simple yet profound reality.

See you Sunday,

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson

p.s. We’re back to our regular gathering schedule! Sunday at 9am, 11am, and 7pm. See you there!