Saturday, December 1|Sunday Sneak Peak

The Fabric of Faith

Flood Family,

Author and poet Kathleen Norris knows how hard it is to maintain faith in the mundanity of everyday life. She writes how difficult it can be to recognize the sacred potential of daily life when the necessary tasks of work and home constantly demand our attention, leaving us dry and stale.

However through her career as an author, she discovered what it means to find the fabric of faith in precisely those tasks that can feel like drudgery. She writes in her book “The Quotidian Mysteries” of a moment where she first became aware “that the demands of laundry might have something to dow with God’s command that we worship… both laundry and worship are repetitive activities… both are the work that God has given us to do.” She discovered what we all must discover: If we are to live an integrated life with God, we will find God in the common, ordinary, daily, mundane, routine, uneventful tasks of life.

The truth is, there is spiritual significance in everything – even doing the dishes and laundry. And we have a heavenly Father who delights in showing us that he is the God of the ordinary.

Join us on Sunday as we conclude our series “Holy Waters: Six Streams of Christian Spirituality,” by looking at the place where all the other streams converge – the Incarnational Life.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson

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