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Matt’s Blog: Year of Jubilee

Flood Family,

We had an incredible Flood Family Meeting this past Tuesday night. Here are some exciting updates that were shared!

First, this Monday I’ll be turning the Big 5-0! Thank you for the surprise celebration at Tuesday’s meeting. I was told that 50 marks a Year of Jubilee, so I’m looking forward to a full and exciting year and taking it for all its worth! 🙂

Second, we hired a new Children’s Director! Her name is Sara Barlow, and we’re delighted to have her join our team. Sara’s ministry with us begins October 29th. This means that after 7 wonderful and faithful years in this role, Abby Dyer will transition out of her leadership role with Flood Kids. After training Sara, she will take a two month leave for some rest and renewal, then return to our team in January as our Pastor of Community Engagement.

Third, we have identified a possible church home! It has always been our desire to own a home for our church family. This past Lenten season we entered into a churchwide season of prayer and fasting to discern if we should consider finding a permanent facility for our San Diego Campus and churchwide offices. In April, we shared that we felt called to begin a renewed search process to find a new home. Over the summer, a Facility Search Team made up of members of Flood was assembled in order to identify our facility needs, to ensure any potential permanent facility would be able to fulfill our vision as a community. In August, we signed with a real estate broker to represent our search and soon after discovered an existing facility that seemed to meet our needs. Members from our Staff, the Facility Search Team, and Support Team toured the space and all felt the building had strong potential. Several weeks ago, we made an offer — and IT WAS ACCEPTED! We are entering into a due diligence and escrow process soon in order to make sure the facility does indeed meet our current needs, and leaves room for future growth. We should know something more definitive in early December. We will keep you informed about this exciting opportunity and want you to be the first to know if plans solidify. Unfortunately, we are unable to share the address at this time due to the tenuous nature of the escrow process, but can tell you it is centrally located with great freeway visibility and access, and is 8 minutes away from Kearny High School!

What happens now? At this point, the best way to help is to continue to pray, give, and serve faithfully. Pray that whatever we discover regarding the space over the next month provides clarity about whether or not it will become our new church home. Please also continue to give consistently. We have been extremely encouraged by your generosity as the needs of our budget were met this past fiscal year, and our current fiscal year is off to a great start. Please consider making a gift online today. Knowing we may be embarking on a large purchase together, we will all be called upon to give sacrificially. We have assembled a FAQ section below that we hope is helpful.

This is truly looking to be a great year of jubilee!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the building?
We already said … we can’t tell you that! We can tell you that we want to be a church who brings Christ’s hope and healing to an increasingly post-Christian unchurched/dechurched and multi-ethnic culture. Though no location is perfect, we believe this new location will help us live out our vision more effectively!

Can we afford a building?
Current forecasts show that we can! We have secured a lender and are finalizing all aspects of financing. While we will need to raise funds for something this big, we are fairly confident this space is within our financial means. We have been diligently saving since 2005, which affords us the ability to make a down payment on a loan. As of right now, it even looks like the total mortgage would be less than what we currently pay for Kearny and our office space!

When would we move in?
If all went according to plan, we would own the building in early January 2019. At that point we would would need to raise the necessary funds to renovate the space while designing and building. This process could take 6-12 months and we would keep you updated every step of the way.

Can the site accommodate us now and for future growth?
We believe the square footage is there, but we need to complete a feasibility study with an architect to confirm. The space also has a decent sized parking lot, but we will need to secure additional parking agreements from surrounding properties.

Can the facility be used for a church gathering?
This is often the most difficult part of acquiring a church building in San Diego, due to a variety of zoning regulations. Initial research shows the space has some of the most church-friendly zoning in the city. This means we may be able to assemble in the space without having to first go through the arduous process of attaining a Conditional Use Permit.

What if we discover the property won’t work for us?
We are doing our best to surrender this search process to the Lord. We will do our due diligence to ensure the needs of our vision are being met first and foremost. If not, we will move on. This will also be the process we go through for any potential real estate purchase of this nature, so we will learn great lessons either way.

What about our relationship with Kearny?
We are committed to being a church that brings Christ’s hope and healing to our city and beyond. We would seek to continue our meaningful relationship with the school and are excited for Pastor Abby’s new leadership as our Community Engagement Pastor. This is a priority for us!

I may want to make a sizable donation and/or know someone who may be interested in giving towards this exciting project. I may also be in this industry and/or have some trusted referrals. Who can I talk to?
Our Executive Pastor, Adam Klekowski, is overseeing this process. Please connect with him at if you have any questions or concerns.