Saturday, June 17|Matt's Blog

Matt’s Blog: Shaping Identity

Flood family,

When Steph Curry hoisted the NBA championship trophy on Monday night, he did so while wearing the #30, the same number his dad, Dell, wore in his years as a professional basketball player.

Growing up in an NBA household, Steph saw firsthand what it took to be a successful basketball player. And even though he didn’t inherit his father’s physical attributes, he inherited the grit and hustle that has made Steph one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA today.

On this Father’s Day weekend, we are continuing our series through the Psalms by considering how we are shaped by God as his children.

Each day, you and I are being formed and shaped by something or someone. That is part of what it means to be human. We are searching for an identity that resonates with our souls.

The Psalms remind us that we find that resonance in the perfect character of God. Even in our unique personalities and idiosyncrasies, we have the capacity to reflect God’s infinite love, compassion, and justice.

I hope you join us this weekend as we celebrate a special Father’s Day at Flood.