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Friday Stories: A Drive to Succeed and Humility to Thrive

The growth and challenges Flood Church has provided me with this year as an undergraduate intern can be summed up by one of my first projects.
Hanging above the large multipurpose room of the Flood Offices are strands filled with over one hundred light bulbs. Thanks to a combination of time, wear, and Youth’s Dart Wars, a number of those light bulbs had either broken or gone out by the time I had started my internship.

As a College and Production Intern, one of my tasks was to replace the busted bulbs.


Casually and confidently, I sauntered into the room with my box of new LED light bulbs, and began labeling each bulb that needed to be replaced. When it came time to remove the bulbs, however, there was a problem. The metal base of each bulb had become corroded and had fused to the fixture. I went down the line of broken bulbs, and time after time I continued to fail in removing them.

Again and again I went to Tim, my supervisor, to ask more questions than he probably thought was possible about changing light bulbs. He was patient and kind, answering my questions and showing me where I might find the right tools.

Eventually, we both realized that I was going to need to come up with a solution to a problem neither Tim nor I had anticipated.


I was going to need to be resourceful, patient, and persevering to accomplish the task he had entrusted the authority and tools to do. In a tale, that’s a lot of what the internship has been for me. I was given the authority and tools to accomplish tasks, but also the responsibility to step up, be resourceful, and contribute.

There was always someone there to back me up, to assist me, to guide me. There was always support and love, but there was real responsibility. And that love and support extended to all areas! When I had tough questions, when hardships struck, my Flood Family was there. My supervisors, Josh, Kait, and of course, Tim, were always there to keep me accountable, empower me to contribute, and assist me in my need.

This internship has equipped me with the confidence I lacked to persevere when things get tough.

It’s given me the drive to succeed and the humility to thrive as a member of a team pushing for something much bigger than myself. It’s renewed in me the hope that God is faithful to those who serve Him, but most importantly, it has planted in me a seed of desire to grow into a person who lives to bring hope and healing to those around him.

And hey, I guess it taught me a little bit about changing light bulbs as well.


About the Author:
Justin Haenisch was an Undergraduate Intern at Flood this past year and is coming back for another lap with us! He has a deep love for Dr. Pepper and the Patriots (Disclaimer: Not all of us support the second and he knows it).
This summer, Justin will be heading back up to Ponderosa Pines Christian Camp to work as one of their emcees and plans to introduce the entire camp to Portugal the Man.