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Friday Stories: Experiencing Faith, Community, and Action

I love Flood’s mission of living an integrated life of faith, community, and action. But have you ever thought of what that would actually look like lived out? When I think about living a life of faith, community, and action in my life, I realize it’s something I don’t naturally do.

Last Saturday, I joined thirteen other Floodsters to drive to Tijuana to help build homes for three families as part of the TJ Housebuilding Group.


I not only had the opportunity to experience faith, community, and action all at once, but it also felt really good!
Here is how each of those elements played out on this trip:


Currently in my own life, I am at a stage where I am experiencing a whole lot of uncertainty. While in Tijuana, I met families that were experiencing more uncertainty than I have ever faced in my entire life. They did not even know if they were going to have a roof to put over their children’s heads at night. However, their faith reminded me that God remains faithful through all the uncertainty. I got to be a part of God’s answer to the families in TJ, and I know God hears my prayers to Him as well. I have faith that God is good, and he will provide exactly what I need, when I need it.


I am not one of those people that knows a whole lot of people at church. In fact, I sit alone most Sundays. Being an introvert, I don’t mind it at all, but I got to spend all of my Saturday with thirteen awesome Jesus-loving people who encouraged and inspired me by their love for Jesus and His people.

I recently made the decision that I want to get to know more of my community at Flood. One of those steps was joining a Flood Group a few months ago and I have made some super good friends there. In just one day of building houses in Tijuana, I was able to get to know more amazing people that are part of the Flood community. It was fun walking into church on Sunday night and recognizing more faces. Community is an important part of your faith walk, but frankly, a part that I was neglecting. After beginning to experience community here at Flood, I don’t want to lose that sense of belonging ever again.


We stuccoed homes for three families in need. My arms hurt for two solid days after the trip. I experienced pain in places that I didn’t know muscles existed.

There is something about physically helping God’s people. It is life-giving. When you help others in need, you forget all the problems you are personally experiencing, and you focus on God, His Kingdom, and His people. Action is the final step towards living in an integrated life, and I am so thankful that I stepped out in faith and helped families in need with a great community of inspiring people.

My hope for Flood is that we can continue to serve our community in a variety of different ways.

After being a part of this TJ Housebuilding trip, I am going to make more of an effort to get involved in other opportunities to provide hope and healing in our community.

So what’s next? I’m joining Flood’s Homeless Group on June 26 to serve hot food, distribute clothing, and facilitating essential resourcing for our homeless neighbors. Come with me! Experience how God always provides for you, me, and those in need.


About the Author:
Emilee Mason works for a marketing firm in Downtown SD. When she is not creating content, you can probably find her at Petco Park taking in a ballgame. Fun fact: She has been to all 30 Major League Ballparks.
Homeless Cause-Based Group Event:
Monday, June 26, 4:30pm-8:00pm – Downtown
Serve for any amount of time to help serve food, distribute clothing, and build relationships with those living on the streets of San Diego. Chiropractic adjustments as well as hair cuts will be provided by professionals.
Contact: [email protected]