Saturday, May 27|Matt's Blog

Matt’s Blog: Good Neighboring Lives On

Flood family,

Eleven years after Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’s last aired, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood hit the airwaves in 2012. The animated show introduced the familiar cast of characters to a new generation nearly fifty years after the original show premiered with one exception—Mr. Rogers himself.

Even after his passing, Mr. Roger’s neighboring lives on through Daniel Tiger and his friends. This simple TV show reminds us of the profound truth that our lives are interconnected. God’s love not only transforms us, but it transforms our families and our neighborhoods.

As we conclude our series “Meet the Neighbors” this weekend, I wonder what God is doing in your life and in your neighborhood. 

Even though we may live in our dorm, condo, or house for just a short season, God is always there, writing a story that will continue long after us.

I hope you join us this Sunday as we celebrate what God is doing in and through our church family by hearing stories from our neighborhoods!