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Friday Stories: Engaged in the Community

Since 2010, Flood has partnered with Kearny High School to award students with scholarships and invest in the next generation of leaders.


As part of the scholarship team this year, I helped identify and select this year’s recipients. The scholarship is open to juniors who not only excel academically but are also engaged in their community. After selecting a group of applicants to invite to an interview, the scholarship recipients are awarded an iPad and software as a way aid them in their academic and service endeavors, as well as being recognized at their senior awards nights.

Each of the students had amazing stories and were doing so much for their respective communities.


Two students stood out to me particularly. One young man was using his intellectual and design abilities to create a water filtration system for the San Diego community. He had the maturity to acknowledge his need for help and recruited his friends to help him and engage others in the process. Despite his big goals, he has also had to overcome practical challenges. With one laptop for four high school and college aged siblings, he told us that he planned on sharing the iPad with them to help them with their schoolwork.

I also interviewed a young woman who started out quite nervous.

The majority of the students we interviewed had never sat in an interview before.


When we asked her what she wanted to do with her future, she came alive. I was blown away by her passionate desire to help others, and the plans that she has for her future to do just that. She ended the interview promising to make a difference, and I truly believe that she will.

To be honest, the students weren’t the only ones nervous. As a college student, I’m not exactly new to interviews, but I certainly have never been the one conducting them. However, after being able to sit across these young men and women and to hear their unique stories and dreams, I left the interviews encouraged and inspired by these high school juniors.

This process was a beautiful reminder that age is not a limit when it comes to leading and being an active member of your community.


About the Author:
Carolin Carruth is an Undergraduate Intern at Flood and a Cognitive Science major at UCSD. She is slightly obsessed with dogs, and of all of the jelly beans in this world, will only eat red ones. Carolin is a senior this year and planning to move back home after graduation this June to pursue a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology.