Saturday, February 25|Matt's Blog

Matt’s Blog: Faults and All

Flood family,

“Why can’t you be more like…?”

Whether in business, parenting, health, or faith, we may hear this question ringing through our heads. We may even question if God made a mistake in making us the way we are.

Tragically, many of us live our lives under the weight of becoming people that we are not. We carry the expectations that others put on us, and that we put on ourselves.

Thankfully, we were not made to become cookie-cutter Christians. Through our unique life experiences, skill-sets, and strengths, we experience the depth of God’s grace to us and through us.

This Sunday we are going to take a closer look at the classic underdog story of David and Goliath asking the question, “How do we live out the life God has entrusted to us? We will discover the truth that our greatness lies in allowing God to use our true selves, faults and all.

I hope to see you this Sunday!