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Toward Kingdom Color: A Resource List

The movement of Jesus is a counter-cultural movement. It is about living out Kingdom values as we bring heaven to earth. But we bring with us our own cultures too. And where our cultural differences interact—whether they are informed by ethnicity or social structures of race—we can experience tension and conflict.

Our series Kingdom Color was designed to be the beginning of a conversation. This is in part because it would be impossible for a six-week series to fully address the intricate intersection between race and faith, and because the discussion of racial justice is too critical to be compartmentalized.

The reality is that, whether we are aware of it or not, we experience the effect of racial dynamics in almost every interaction – even in faith communities.

Our call as individuals, and as a wider church family, is to grow in cross-cultural fluency. We must fight the temptation of compartmentalization so that we can better identify and navigate cultural differences as we strive toward the Kingdom together.


The Pains of Humanity Have Been Draining Me” Lecrae, Huffington Post

What I Wish My White Friends Knew” Ruthie Johnson, Mudroom

To be a Christian Intellectual” Dr. Willie Jennings, Yale Divinity Blog


Disunity in Christ” Christena Cleveland, IVP Books

The Post-Black & Post-White Church” Efrem Smith, Jossey-Bass

The Next Evangelicalism” Soong-Chan Rah, IVP Books

A Different Mirror” Ronald Takaki, Back Bay Books

Other Media

“13th” Netflix Documentary (Watch Trailer)

Black and White” The Liturgists Podcast

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