Thursday, November 24|Matt's Blog

Happy Thanksgiving, Flood Family!

Flood Family,

As many of us spend our Thanksgiving weekend with friends and loved ones, we are reminded of the gift of family.

The holidays remind us that in spite of unique personalities, passions, and sometimes even beliefs, and even regardless of biological relationship, family is meant to be the place where we can all belong.

In the sixteen years that Flood has been a community, my wife Roxanne and I have been so grateful to call Flood our family. And although family is sometimes messy, we feel blessed to be a part of such an inspiring, generous, compassionate, and faith-filled community.

Whether it is on a Sunday, a mid-week Flood Group, or impromptu Friendsgivings, thank you for making Flood a place where you and I, along with so many others, belong.

I hope that wherever you are this weekend, that you will not only experience, but also extend, that sense of family to others.

Happy Thanksgiving!



P.S. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to join you for one of our favorite Flood family gatherings—the Christmas Collective—on December 4 at Broadway Pier.