Saturday, September 3|Matt's Blog

Matt’s Blog: A Mariachi Trumpet

This week I joined several thousand faith leaders and practitioners in Los Angeles for an annual gathering called CCDA and appropriately enough, it all kicked off on Wednesday night with a mariachi trumpet.

But the trumpeter was not alone. He was followed by a joyous procession of walkers that participated in what was called El Camino del Immigrant, a walk from the US border in San Diego to the meeting site in Downtown LA to raise awareness for the experiences of undocumented immigrants.

As Noel Castellanos, who helped organize the Camino shared about his experience, he said something that stood to me: We are all on the camino of life, and it is impossible to walk alone.

Over the 150 miles of walking from San Diego to Los Angeles, Noel talked about his blisters, his fatigue, and even times when he physically fell. But through it all, he had is community surrounding him to pick him up and sometimes literally carry him along.

I wonder if each of us have a community like that—a community that walks alongside us and carries us when we need it. I wonder if we are that type of community for others.

This Sunday we are continuing our series Ships in Harbor by looking at how true community always pushes us outside of our comfort zones, but never leaves us alone.

See you Sunday!