Saturday, September 17|Matt's Blog

Matt’s Blog: A Better Education

Over the past half-century millions of hours and dollars have been spent to uncover the obstacles to better educating our students. That’s because despite our country’s #1 ranking in GDP, the US is not even in the top 15 in world education rankings.

While researchers looked immediately into the role of class sizes and teaching methods in student performance, one simple but surprising factor kept popping up: hunger.

Simply put, a hungry student is at a severe disadvantage when it comes to learning and development, which is reflected in lower test scores and graduation rates.

So instead of fixing education with more education, many creative organizations are choosing to address food instability as a means to holistically impact student wellbeing.

When it comes to faith, there are countless theories about spreading the good news of Jesus. But the disconnect between our family and neighbors and faith usually isn’t solved with more information. Instead, it requires us to look for the genuine obstacles that exist—like injustice, painful experiences, or misunderstanding—and asking “how is Jesus good news for this person?”

Often, we may find that asking this question leads us outside of our comfort zone. But when we step out in faith, we follow a God that is always doing new work that’s good news to us and to our world.


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