Friday, August 12|Matt's Blog

Matt’s Blog: The Olympic Spotlight

I love watching the Olympic Games! Part of the magic is that we get to see sports we wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. Though few of us regularly follow sports like fencing, indoor cycling, and badminton between Olympic Games, we sit captivated every four years as we watch these exceptional athletes vie for Olympic gold. We get to see “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”

Though we see many of these athletes for less than five minutes over the course of an entire Olympics, each one devotes years of intense preparation and training, often away from the spotlight, for their one moment to shine. They are willing to do the hard work of preparation when no one is watching.

As we’ve explored the book of Revelation, we’ve followed the story of God as told to a persecuted and suffering church. Many of these believers would have felt that their lives were being lived in the dark. But over and over, Jesus reminds them to make the most of the opportunities they are given because their ultimate victory is close at hand!

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the conclusion of our series on Revelation with the truth that everything that we do matters for eternity.