Sunday, August 21|Matt's Blog

Matt’s Blog: Nine Marathons

Imagine deciding to walk a marathon tomorrow morning. Though incredibly challenging, many of us could manage the entire 26 miles. Now imagine walking the length of 9 marathons as a single college woman in the country of Malawi.

After personally experiencing the lack of access to medical care in Malawi, Duwa Mvula walked over 200 miles from the capital city of Lilongwe to Blantyre to raise awareness and funds for medical training and equipment.

Last week, Duwa shared her story as a part of our leadership conferences that we co-host with our sister churches in Malawi. I was riveted by Duwa’s passion and courage as our team shared her story with us when they returned.

There is an the old saying that goes, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.” While it’s easy to spot a ship idling on the docks, our lives are a different matter. Though we may all feel the pull of open water, we often settle for a life that’s comfortable and safe.

As we head into another fall season, how is your ship doing? Is it on the journey it was built for? Or do you feel like you’re idling in the doldrums of life?

I’m excited for you to join us for a brand new message series, Ships in Harbor: Living the Adventure We Were Built For, this Sunday!