Saturday, August 27|Matt's Blog

Matt’s Blog: Good News

The verdict is in: guilty of obstruction of justice and embezzlement. But in the middle of pronouncing the judgement the chairperson stops to say, “I have some great news. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.”

You may remember this ad from Geico Insurance, part of a national campaign to spread the good news about discount car insurance.

But Geico isn’t the only one sending us good news. Our inboxes and mailboxes are stuffed with the “good news” of unbeatable deals and closeout prices. The bar for what counts as good news, it seems, is pretty low.

The Gospel is good news with a capital “G.” But in the church, though we assume we understand the gospel, many of us live with an incomplete and even distorted view of what the good news actually is.

I hope you join us tomorrow as we continue our new series Ships in Harbor to unpack the Gospel as good news that moves us outside of our comfort zones to bring hope and healing to our our city and beyond.