Prayer is how we communicate with God, and it is also a way in which we can come alongside others and provide support. Somewhere in these exchanges of love, God can do some awesome things in our lives and the people around us.

How Do I Receive Prayer?


You can write your prayer request on your Sunday Connection Card and drop it in the offering bucket. Our prayer team will pray for your request that week.


You can receive prayer by coming forward to pray with one of our prayer counselors on either side of the auditorium.

During the Week

You can submit a prayer request HERE that will be added to our weekly prayer request list.


You can post a prayer request to be published on this page below; click on the upper right button.


You can call in your prayer request by leaving a message at 858-268-2330, ext 305.


You can request a prayer appointment where a small group of people pray in person for you click at the Campus you attend by contacting one of the Prayer Coordinators below:

Interested in Getting Involved in the Prayer Ministry? click HERE



Need Prayer?

To create a Prayer post, you must be connected via Facebook or logged in with your user account.

Request Prayer

Explore Prayer Requests


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