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Living a Life That Matters


Friday & Saturday, February 26-27, 2016

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Friday Night Opening Session

Friday Night Closing Session

Saturday Morning Session

Saturday Afternoon Session

Saturday Closing Session


Questions? DISCOVER@DIVEintoFLOOD.com

What is DISCOVER? 

Discover Weekend is an opportunity to gather as a church family to explore how to live life together and engage with the purposes God has for us as individuals, families, and communities – to Live a Life that Matters. This is one of the best opportunities all year to connect with God and the Flood family.

Who is DISCOVER for?

DISCOVER is for everyone every year at Flood! It consists of new material and a new main theme each year, ensuring that you receive new insights and inspiration!



Fee: $80
  • Three general sessions that will challenge and equip you
  • Small group settings to help you unpack what you learn
  • Trained small group facilitators to help you maximize your weekend

Registration is Closed


Fee: $25

There is a youth track tailored specifically for students in Middle School and High School! Flood Youth Staffers and Team Members will help lead them through the weekend. *This track will also include a late night Friday activity for an extra cost.

How Do I Register My Student? 

Registration is Closed

Questions about the Youth Track? MikeCunningham@DIVEintoFLOOD.com


4th & 5th GRADE TRACK
Fee: $25

We have developed a track especially for 4th & 5th Graders! Flood Kids Staffers and Team Members will help lead them through the weekend and facilitate age-appropriate small group times with them.

How Do I Register My 4th or 5th Grader? 

Registration is Closed

Questions about the 4th & 5th Track? AbbyDyer@DIVEintoFLOOD.com



DISCOVER KIDS TRACK (Newborn – 3rd Grade)
Saturday Only (FREE for children whose parents are attending the conference)

The Discover Kids Track (newborn – 3rd grade) is a time for kids to explore and use their gifts in their own setting.  There will be lots of fun activities! Please pack outside shoes, lunch, and a labeled water bottle.

*NOTE: A babysitting voucher is available for Friday night to provide partial reimbursement for babysitting costs. Both parents in a two-parent home need to attend DISCOVER in order to qualify for this benefit. The voucher is accessible via the Registration Form.

How Do I Register My Child(ren)? 

Sign them up when you fill out your online registration form. Further instructions will be emailed to you.

Questions about the Newborn – 3rd Track? AbbyDyer@DIVEintoFLOOD.com


2016 THEME:
Living a Life That Matters
Keynote Speakers – Mike & Sally Breen

Mike and Sally Breen

When you listen to Mike and Sally Breen speak, you are caught up in the incredible passion they both share for the church, its mission, and the discipling of it’s people.
Mike is a speaker, author, minister and entrepreneur, who has been one of the leading innovator in the discipling movement throughout Europe and the US for more than 25 years. He led a church re-plant in inner city London, England and in Sheffield, England, under his leadership St. Thomas’s grew to become the largest church in England in 2000. Later that year he launched a team that began a church planting movement in Europe that planted over 1400 churches in 4 years.

In addition to his calling as a church planter and pastor, Mike has authored over 20 books including the best selling, Family on Mission (3DM Publishing 2014), Building a Discipling Culture (3DM Publishing, 2011), Covenant and Kingdom (3DM, 2010),  and the three book A Passionate Life series (Cook Communications, 2005).

While Mike and Sally normally travel as a team, Sally is an innovator in her own right. Having spoken at most of the places that Mike has visited, she covers topics for women’s and mixed groups around the world. Her topics range from The Integrated life, The Faithfulness of God, Children, Marriage, and Dating (with or without Mike), The Rhythm of Life, Health patterns, Family on Mission.

Mike and Sally live in South Carolina, where they founded 3DM, a movement/organization which has now spread to 5 continents, training thousands of leaders and churches in how to move to a discipling culture and missional mindset. They have been married 34 years and are the proud parents of three adult Children and two grandchildren.