Flood’s  All Church Conference:


– Ideas for Cultural Redevelopment –


Friday & Saturday, March 6-7, 2015


Registration for Discover is now closed

Questions? DISCOVER@DIVEintoFLOOD.com



What is DISCOVER? 

DISCOVER is our annual conference where we gather together as a church body to enjoy a weekend of enrichment, inspiration, and discovery as we explore different aspects of what it means to be followers of Jesus and how we can uniquely be on mission with Him here on earth.

Who is DISCOVER for?

DISCOVER is for everyone every year at Flood! It consists of new material and a new main theme each year, ensuring that you receive new insights and inspiration!



Conference Fee: $70
  • Three general sessions that will challenge and equip you
  • Small group settings to help you unpack what you learn
  • Trained small group facilitators to help you maximize your weekend


Conference Fee: $20

There is a youth track tailored specifically for students in Middle School and High School! Flood Youth Staffers and Team Members will help lead them through the weekend. *This track will also include a late night Friday activity for an extra cost.

How Do I Register My Student? 

Student registration is now closed.

Questions about the Youth Track? MikeCunningham@DIVEintoFLOOD.com


4th & 5th GRADE TRACK
Conference Fee: $20

We have developed a track especially for 4th & 5th Graders! Flood Kids Staffers and Team Members will help lead them through the weekend and facilitate age-appropriate small group times with them.

How Do I Register My 4th or 5th Grader? 

4th & 5th Track registration is now closed.

Questions about the 4th & 5th Track? AbbyDyer@DIVEintoFLOOD.com


DISCOVER KIDS TRACK (Newborn – 3rd Grade)
Saturday Only (FREE for children whose parents are attending the conference)

The Discover Kids Track (newborn – 3rd grade) is a time for kids to explore and use their gifts in their own setting.  There will be lots of fun activities! Please pack outside shoes, lunch, and a labeled water bottle.

*NOTE: A babysitting voucher is available for Friday night to provide partial reimbursement for babysitting costs. Both parents in a two-parent home need to attend DISCOVER in order to qualify for this benefit. The voucher is accessible via the Registration Form.

How Do I Register My Child(ren)? 

Sign them up when you fill out your online registration form. Further instructions will be emailed to you.

Questions about the Newborn – 3rd Track? JennyLeboffe@DIVEintoFLOOD.com


Ideas for Cultural Redevelopment

There is a rhythm to life. Each of us has established patterns, habits, and routines that get us from one day to the next. But for most of us, that’s all they do – help us manage to keep our heads above water for one more day. Life becomes a feedback loop of work, collapse, repeat. We survive without really living, but there is something deep within us that longs for something different, something new. Our souls recognize that we were not made to run our lives at such a frenetic pace. We were created to experience a healthy rhythm of life, one marked by meaningful times of both work and rest. Rather than resting from a place of being over-worked, God invites us to work from a place of rested fulfillment. Join us at Discover and experience the transformative power of a new rhythm of life.

Keynote Speaker

Eric and Kandi

Eric and Kandi Pfeiffer are the Eastern Regional Leaders of 3DM in North America. 3DM is committed to serving leaders in the building of missional movements with discipleship at the core. The Pfeiffer family (including Charity-12, Justus-10) lead a local expression of what they train leaders in around the world – Family on Mission. Committed to both local and trans-local leadership, Eric and Kandi spend much of their time training others to do all that they continue to do and learn as a leaders, parents, partners and friends. The Pfeiffers are passionate about putting the work and mission of Christ back into the hands of ordinary people. Their hobbies include movies, friends and fun!