Engaged / Married


North County Group

This group meets on Wednesday evenings in Leucadia. This group is open to anybody and is family friendly. Bring your kids and something to eat for 4 other people.

Surf and Scripture: Wednesday Mornings (Cardiff)

We meet at the campgrounds in Cardiff for a 20-minute sharing from Flood’s Daily Scritpture and then formally finish to either surf, swim and/ or hang out. Join us!

40+ Life Group (UTC area)

This Life Group is for anyone ages 40 and up who attend Flood Church.

South Park Life Group

This group meets on Thursday evenings in South Park with the goal of impacting the community around them. This group is open to everyone and is family friendly.

Marrieds Sunday Morning Life Group (Kearny H.S.)

We are a mixed group of marrieds and parents looking to grow together. Single parents are welcome! Childcare via FloodKids.

Beach Side Bar & Grill: July 1

We are going to make it a simple, repeatable pattern for the Flood North County Coastal family to meet together on the first Wednesday of the month. Come hang and bring your peoples.

Monday All Ages Life Group (Rancho San Diego)

This group is open to anyone and meets in East County (Rancho San Diego, close to Hillsdale Middle)

Wednesday Mom’s Connecting Group (Lake Murray)

Join this new group for Mom’s, designed for encouragement and connection for women in the trenches of motherhood. Meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Contact Auburn for info

Beach Man Monday: July 6

Commit with us to the journey of becoming men after God’s heart. Our time consists of celebration, enrichment and inspiration. This month we head to Torrey Pines for a stupid-awesome Man-Decathlon. Bring trunks and sneakers.

Saturday Running Group

Join the Flood North County Coastal family for a run. All levels are welcome!

Sunday Afternoon Life Group in Linda Vista

This group meets on Sunday afternoons in the Linda Vista area with the goal of impacting the community around them. This group is open to all ages and is family friendly.

Tuesday Family Friendly Life Group (San Carlos)

This new group is family-friendly and meets in San Carlos and meets every other week. Contact Patrick for dates and directions.

Marrieds Life Group: Mira Mesa

This life group is for married couples, and meets in Mira Mesa on Wednesday nights.

In the Ring

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Impact Opportunity

Coronado Life Group

This group meets in Coronado on Sunday afternoons and is open to all ages. Their goal is to impact the community around them in Coronado. This group is family friendly. [...]