Series: Are We There Yet? The Search for Love and Family

Are We There Yet? Marriage

February 17th, 2013

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“Wives submit to your husbands.” This is one of the most unpopular and misunderstood commands in the Bible. Is Paul being archaic, unfair, and unrealistic? If you want to stir people up just drop the “S-word” into a conversation: Submission. It seems to apply to the weak and the powerless. What does submission mean and does it have any relevance for us today? The answer is yes! Paul is writing a specific application of a principle that applies to everyone and is the key to a healthy marriage.

  • SONGS:
  • Furious
  • What A Wonderful Maker
  • You’ve Come For Us
  • Divine Invitation
  • Your Love is Strong
  • Skeleton Bones


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